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Website analytics, visitor tracking analysis reports and consultancy

The purpose of analysing your prospects or subscribers is to gain an understanding how to convert your browsers into buyers and identify all contingencies that could affect the profitability of your e-business.

WebActiv website reports, visitor tracking analysis and web analytics consultancy solutions delivers comprehensive real time performance statistics about your prospects and promotion activities enabling you to effectively track, measure and analyse both marketing and site initiatives.

Each referral is quantified and thus monitored against any business-defined response, allowing you to accurately test website performance, gauge marketing campaign impact, and ultimately evaluate the success of your ideas.

Business benefits

  • Analyse and profile prospect behaviour and interest level
  • Track conversion rates, transaction and cycle times
  • Track each email, ad, direct mail, or keyword against any transaction
  • See how many responses were placed by each promotion

Website analytics services

Website analysis reports

  • Secure online login to access reports
  • Get 100's of campaign statistics in real-time.
  • Customisable graphical analysis of campaign trends
  • Analyse referrals by language, country or continent
  • Campaign analysis reports by hour, day, week, month or year
  • E-mail notification when campaign levels are hit

*Offline advertising or direct mail marketing tracking requires additional setup services.

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